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Introducing the “User-Defined Network Cloud”

In February, we introduced our vision for AT&T's network of the future, entitled the “User-Defined Network Cloud.” Supported by our Domain 2.0 supplier program, we are putting customers at the center of the network with a modern, cloud-based architecture that is a global first at this scale. The shift will build on our best-in-class network status, and is expected to significantly reduce the time required to pivot to this architecture and accelerate time-to-market with technologically-advanced products and services.

AT&T's Network of the Future - Mobile World Congress 2014
John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President, AT&T Technology & Network Operations, discusses the User-Defined Network Cloud. Watch as he discusses networking innovation across the industry. Visit for the latest news from AT&T.

We also announced the first group of companies selected to work on the company’s strategy.  Ericsson, Tail-F Systems AB, and Metaswitch Networks LTD have been selected to begin further discussions on design and deployment.  In addition, Affirmed Networks, Inc. has been chosen to work with us on a virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC).  We also have elected to work with Ericsson on integration and transformation services. Further selections will take place through the end of 2014.  Focus will be on technology roadmap, quality, cost and innovation, among other factors. 

The User-Defined Network Cloud is a transformative initiative.  Integrated through our Wide Area Network (WAN) and utilizing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN), as well as modern architectural and operational approaches, we plan to simplify and scale our network by:

  • Separating hardware and software functionality;  
  • Separating network control plane and forwarding planes; and
  • Improving management of functionality in the software layer.   

View our User-Defined Network Cloud Infographic.

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